Is it just me? #Relatable Post

So I have had a few OCDs .. severe ones ..SEVERE ! I was just wondering if it’s just me? 

Since I’m new to blogging I’ll give you bullets about a few things I will try and cover blog-by-blog . Here it goes – 

  • Stories about me .
  • Ideas for you .
  • Relatable posts .
  • Few pointers covering a certain topic .
  • Question and answers . (Yes, Agony Aunt on duty ) 
  • Suggestions for different daily life criteria.
  • A lot .. a lot .. ALOT more! 

So I’m done giving you a base which could totally be a whole new blog but somehow I ended up adding in this one itself . 

Let’s get back to the topic … 

Music system volume – I honestly cannot listen to the music system whether at home or in the car when the volume level is on some odd number . LIKE I CANNOT! I need to decrease/increase the level to an even number . I dislike odd numbers . 

Music : On ; Volume : 17 

(No thank you , OCD is kickin’ in please keep the volume on 16 or 18) 

Cupboard door left open – me a cupboard with an open door at 3 in the night , I’ll still get up and close it! (legit happens with me in my room) . I don’t like seeing the door open .. it gives me this weird annoying feeling and I need to close it to feel safe! Same goes with room door (but not always) 

Apps in my phone – I have this habit of clicking my home button and closing every single app that is open again and again. If I am opening my phone to check whatsapp , I’ll use whatsapp and then go to my home button and by default start sliding my finger on the screen to close all the open apps!

My coffee , my style So I have been a caffeine addict since almost 12 years now ( I know it’s not good , but it isn’t bad either ) I recently quit Americano (black coffee) and got back to my cold coffee routine. If I am sitting in a coffee shop (which I did every single day before my marriage) I had a pattern of arranging my coffee glass , my mobile phone , my chewing gum , my sunglasses , my bottle of water , my food , anything else that I’m carrying .  YES IT IS WEIRD I KNOW , My best friends made it a point to let me know every single day . 

Writing system – So if I am making a list of a few things and I don’t put a full stop in the first three points but I do put a full stop on the 4th point , I’ll put a full stop on every single line! I need my list to be like perfect when it comes to full stops or no full stops . Either use it everywhere , orelse don’t use it anywhere! 

I have a lot more weird traits … but for now this showcase of weirdness is more than enough , Lol . now since I’m writing it down and thinking about it , I realise I am screwed in the head like that! I shall try and do another blog with the same topic in the near future if required and if you all love it! 

Lots of love and positivity to every single soul out there! 


Author: TheNaughtyCub

A Wedding Planner and Event Designer!

7 thoughts on “Is it just me? #Relatable Post”

  1. When I look at that cover, all I can think of is how the internet is forever searchable and that 3 year old boy will one day be a 13 year old. And his friends will find this cover and ridicule him to no end. Why do7#182&n;t people THINK about the future and how their 5 minutes of fame will affect them and their family???


  2. I’m a little OCD too! Just not as bad as yours. I don’t like the music at an odd number though. All the clothes in my closet are hung by style of shirt and color. I am obsessed with color coding everything or else I go crazy haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You won’t believe , my wedding date was suppose to be the 19/01 but I wasn’t happy with it and somehow it got pre-poned to 30/12 … Also , just curious , how do you colour code ? Like make a set of matching clothes and keep in the closet? Or arrange the clothes shade wise?

      Liked by 1 person

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