Happy Mother’s Day ! 

So since it’s Mother’s Day … greatest wishes to every mother on my behalf … I wrote a little something few years ago with connections to what I have seen in my life and felt and thought maybe I should share it and make others feel better if they have ever felt like they are on the verge of losing! 

Please have a look and of course , share it for your mother ! 🙂 

(Also , India celebrates on the 14th of May but every day should be a special day for the mothers , isn’t it ?) 

Dear women ,
It’s okay – if you are tired , Battles are never easy! 
It’s okay – if you feel the need of love , You deserve it! 
It’s okay – if you are on the verge of giving up , you have been a rock throughout your life! 
It’s okay – if you don’t live up to everyone’s expectations , Don’t they disappoint you too? 
It’s okay – if you become weak , You have been a pillar for everyone around you always. 
It’s okay – if you want a break , Go and pamper yourself! 
It’s okay – if things are out of control , Give it time! 
It’s okay – if you wanna surrender , BUT..TO YOURSELF! 
It’s okay – if you need moral support , who doesn’t ? 
Chin up! Be proud! Be You! 

Everything will be fine. You don’t have to wear the “strong” mask always! 
Take a tight hug from me ! I love you and you will always make yourself proud!


Author: TheNaughtyCub

A Wedding Planner and Event Designer!

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