Why “The Naughty Cub” ? 

So I came across a lovely blog out here asking to describe your life in two words (Thank you Avid observer for that) and came to think of it … What is life in two words after all? 
As I replied to that post I had these thoughts coming within about everything that I am and everything that I have seen . After having a flashback of the not so good side of life , I only had two words in my mind with what I could proudly relate my life to – ” Fearless Cub” 

Life as we know – is filled with a lot of emotions. Everyone’s life is different . You might be able to relate to a few situations you see or hear about , but you cannot feel the same pain! Everyone’s intensity differs. 

The naughty cub comes from a very emotional place in my heart . I have a lovely mother who is as strong as a tigress and after going through the roughest patch in our lives , a person came and told my mom she’s a tigress and her kids (my brother and I) are her cubs! We three created our lives on our own soon after my father left us to be in a better place , in heaven . We stood by each other and faced our pain as gracefully as we possibly could! We didn’t realise how strong we were until being strong was the only option! Today after five years the pain is same each and every day of the loss but I’ve learnt to live as strongly as I can and not just survive! 

I have been a naughty kid since forever , even post my marriage I haven’t changed a bit . My family knows me as that kid with this naughty yet innocent smile and sparkling tiny eyes when I smile . 

So yes , the naughty cub is never going to grow I laugh my pain off and try to make others smile too with the same. I wouldn’t ever wanna show anyone the pain within . I don’t want sympathy . I want strength . Strength comes from within.. I made my pain my biggest strength , today I can go through any circumstances whether good or bad with equal strength and positivity ! 

I’ve read this saying that really got me going stronger than ever – GOD GIVES HIS TOUGHEST BATTLES TO HIS STRONGEST SOLDIERS! 

So all in all , this is my final thought – BEING STRONG IS IN YOUR HAND! Nobody can decide or feel what you have been through and how strong are you . You are the owner of your own mind and heart , never let anyone pull you down!



Author: TheNaughtyCub

A Wedding Planner and Event Designer!

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    1. Oh my! I feel blessed to be noticed for such a wonderful thing … I would love to participate but my story is just this blog that I have written .. I have put forth all my energy in it so there’s nothing new to write with such an impact! So is my blog counted as a participation matter?

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