Is it just me ? #2ndEdition.

So here’s a second edition to the “Is it just me?” Blog that I had shared a few days earlier . A little bit of OCD , a little bit of weirdness .  (Still very new here though so getting the hang of blog matter to provide on my blog) 

Let’s just begin already – 

  • Check the radio – So if I’m listening to the radio whilst my husband is driving with a thought in his head of why he married such a weird headed psycho , and we reach our destination , I kind of NEED to check every single radio stations before I leave . Like what if some good song is coming? I need to know which of my favourite song I’m missing out on , right? 
  • Be extreme – I love my coffee/tea or anything that I consume , either completely hot or completely cold . I have never learnt what grey is . I go either totally black or totally white . This basically applies to my personal life and emotions as well . 
  • 100% perfection – So my phone is always 100% charged before I leave my house . I’m NOT okay with 99% , I honestly feel sometimes I have a little weird case of OCD going on in my head . I need to charge my phone a 100% and keep my phone on power save mode with that ugly yellow thingy for the battery level to show on my screen . 
  • Dad is ALWAYS my No.1 – This isn’t any OCD feel that kicks in every now and then.( not like I buy a phone again and again) but every single phone that I’ve got since the past few years , has the first photo of my father and I in the gallery and that same photo has been my wallpaper in every single phone that I have used. Come what may , my wallpaper hasn’t changed , and never will . Also , the first number I save is of my late father’s last two numbers that he used . EVEN TODAY . EVEN AFTER SO MANY YEARS . 

So I hope you liked reading what you read ! Please feel free to share your thoughts (and criticism of course if you will) I’m more than happy to welcome any and every feedback! 

Lots of love and positivity to every single soul of there ! xx 


Author: TheNaughtyCub

A Wedding Planner and Event Designer!

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